Monday, December 7, 2015

Teaching a 6 year old About Self Discipline

We taught our 6 y.o. the concept of self discipline in connection with responsibility, faith, and how self discipline affects society. Then we gave her an assignment to explore examples of self discipline while we were on the road traveling in a car. She quickly spotted on many motor bikes that stopped beyond the designated stopping line at the intersection during red light. Then she shouted in disbelief and pointed to more than one motor bikes that crossed through intersection despite of the red light. She smartly explained to us how those people didn’t have self discipline and how their actions were dangerous for them selves and also for others. Later our daughter pointed to a black plastic bag flew over our windshield, being tossed back and fro by wind. And she looked on the pedestrian walk some scattered garbage that fell around a trash can. She then remembered when we brought her to see a river in Surabaya months ago. She recalled how polluted was the river and she sadly thought about the fish that had to live in it, surrounded by smelly trash. She spoke up her concern about the environment and we could see that our 6 year old made the connection between one’s self discipline and how it affects the society. Later at home she reminded her self to put away her dirty plate after having dinner and said “This is self discipline”. We are so proud of her.
What do you think the formal and non formal education can do to improve our society’s self discipline? Share this post to family and friends as a campaign about self discipline.

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