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  1. Teaching History and Learning from the Past
  2. Christmas: The Angels' Song
  3. The Death of My Wife's Beloved Father - Funeral Service
  4. The Pardon of God and the Decision of the Lord
  5. Mixing Heaven Hell: New Church Model
  6. Balaamian Pastor: Pastor for Hire
  7. Learning Progression: A Historical Perspective 
  8. Green Education for Green Life
  9. Following Jesus 3: Take Up Our Cross 
  10. Following Jesus #2: Denying Self
  11. Following Jesus #1 The Context
  12. Punishment and Guilt
  13. Character Formation
  14. Curriculum Problem in the 21st Century
  15. Educational Strategy Failure: A Critique to the Indonesian Formal Education
  16. Self Discipline
  17. Reward and Punishment
  18. The Everlasting Arms of God
  19. The Glory of Christmas
  20. Nationalism in Education 
  21. The Many Sides of Discipline  
  22. Teaching a 6 year old About Self Discipline
  23. The Balancing of Disequilibrium Due Sin 
  24. The Implication of the LGBT Movement on Education
  25. The Hermeneutics of Hypocrisy
  26. The Hermeneutics of Deception
  27. The Hermeneutics of Unbelief
  28. The Danger of The Incompetency of The Officers of God's Church*
  29. The Compromise Christians Make for Homosexual Movement-The Real Meaning of Sin
  30. The New "Gnosticism" of the 20th and 21st Century
  31. Jesus Christ Builds Through His Words*
  32. True Forgivenes VS Fake Forgiveness
  33. Attaining Higher Level of Thinking-One Mark of Maturity*
  34. The Battle of Worldviews-How School Shapes and Form People's Worldviews*
  35. The Destructive Effects of Commercialization of Education*
  36. The Diminishing of the Dignity and Integrity of Teacher Due to the Modern Model of Education of the Industrial Era*
  37. The Rise of Biblical Homosexualism Argument
  38. The Office of "Prophet" in the 21st Church *
  39. Why Pornography is Wrong
  40. Why Cohabitation is NOT the Way It is Supposed To Be *
  41. The Impact of Consumerism and Market Oriented Culture to Human Spirituality
  42. Professionalism, Specialization and Their Impact on the Social Dynamics*
  43. Acceptance As Is and Spiritual Growth
  44. The Ten Commandments, True Freedom, the Exploitation of Human Rights, and the Abandoment of Human Responsibility
  45. The Illusion of Freedom vs. the Sacred Duty of Man
  46. The Battle of Worldviews*
  47. The Potential Fallout of Modern Pastoral Counseling *
  48. The Excuses to Embrace Homosexualism
  49. The Voice of the Pulpit *
  50. The Significance of Jesus' Manger Birth
  51. The Truth on Trial
  52. The Effect of Sin to the Integrity of Humility and Dignity
  53. Created in Humility and Purposed for Dignity
  54. The Spiritual Children
  55. The Counterfeit and God's Silence
  56. There Shall be No Other God
  57. The Educational Imagination of Christian Worship *
  58. Worship in Order*
  59. The Shocking Side of God
  60. The Discipline*
  61. The Right Choice
  62. The Discipline and Mercy of the Lord
  63. Be Free or Be Easy
  64. It Should Be Dismissed
  65. A Father's Inaction*
  66. Eyes on the Promise
  67. In the Name of Love
  68. Corrupted by Science*
  69. The Null Curriculum
  70. Missing the Word
  71. The Missing Link
  72. Worship*
  73. The Holy God of Israel
  74. Itching Ears
  75. Teach Your Children*
  76. The League of Extraordinary Justice
  77. The League of Extraordinary Injustice
  78. The Yeast of The World
  79. The Heart for Education vs Business Mind*
  80. The Neglected Command
  81. The World's Most Valuable Person
  82. The Fallout of Higher Education*
  83. It Is Finished
  84. Flexibility or Compromise, Anyone?
  85. The Duty of the Employee, the Responsibility of the Employer, and Justice in the Workplace
  86. A Critique to James Smith's Pedagogy of Desire*
  87. The Fear of the Unknown Sequel
  88. The Fear of the Unknown
  89. The Meaning of Making Disciples*
  90. Good Friday
  91. The First Step of Wisdom
  92. The Tender Love of God
  93. A Leader's Dilemma*
  94. The Significance of Promise
  95. God Teaches
  96. Jesus Christ-Son of Man and Son of God - God over all
  97. The Resurrection of Jesus Christ as the Victory over Death
  98. The Necessity of the Cross of Jesus Christ
  99. Jesus is the One
  100. The Supremacy of the Word of God
  101. The Greatness of God's Love
  102. A Costly Choice*
  103. The Death of My Father : 29th January 2011
  104. The Providence of God
  105. Multiplying Imago Dei in the Abrahamic Covenant
  106. Multiplying Imago Dei in the Noahic Covenant
  107. The Love of the Father and the Deception of the Serpent
  108. The Education of the Future-Back to Divine Education : Deconstructing Industrial Revolution
  109. Jesus Christ Our Model
  110. The Knowledge of the Holy Spirit
  111. The Knowledge of Christ
  112. The Secret of Knowledge of God
  113. The Chosen
  114. The Divine Calling
  115. The Divine Education
  116. Finding The Lost Truth
  117. The Children of God
  118. On Christmas
  119. Transformed to be Like Christ
  120. Transforming the Broken Image
  121. Re-Educating the Broken Image
  122. Educating the Broken Image
  123. Educating Imago Dei
  124. The Secret to Become the Biggest Loser*
  125. Investigating the Murder of God
  126. Teacher as the Guardian and Protector of the Secret of Heaven and Earth
  127. Passing On the Ministry of Heaven and Earth
  128. Multiplying Imago Dei
  129. The Secret of Heaven and Earth
  130. The Business of Christian Education
  131. Reeducation the Society
  132. On Being Human : What to Accumulate
  133. Curriculum Design 101*
  134. The Critical Key of Curriculum Assessment : The Assessor*
  135. Green Education : The Next Big Thing?
  136. The Future of Education : Virtual School?*
  137. Where is the Love and the Truth?
  138. The Art of Education
  139. The Art of Teaching

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