Monday, January 26, 2009

On Being Human: What to Accumulate?

The drive of consumerism seems to be so strong that blocking it would look impossible. People compete to accumulate stuff. When consumerism weds materialism, the world becomes a place for wealth accumulation, and life becomes a never ending competition to be the richest. Now, living in that context, let us pause for a moment and ask us this question: “Is it our nature as human beings to live solely for the pursuit of wealth?”

What say you? …

Now, think about the next question: “On being human, which to accumulate, wealth or meaning?”

What say you? …

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De Santos said...

It is an ironical phenomenon that in Indonesia, Christians are generally considered by people as greedy high-economic people. That is one issue people use to provoke others (mostly low-educated ones) to hate Christians more. "The enemy" wisely chose this issue of economic gap to generate low-economic people, for the majority of Indonesians are.

I personally, as a Christian, respond to this matter by pointing more to the Christians not to those who hate us. Christianity that I know, does not teach the believers to accumulate wealth. The apostles lived frugally and even Jesus did as well. In Mt 6:25-34 Jesus talked about economy. He closed this topic by saying: "Tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own". (so saving money in a bank is not biblical ???)

In the Old Testament, God gave manna to Israelites everyday. The Israelites could not keep the manna for tomorrow supply or the manna would be full of maggots.

There is totally no teachings for accumulating stuffs, foods, or wealth in the Christians' way of life. However, Christians prefer to miss this part and live otherwise.

More about greed:

“On being human, which to accumulate, wealth or meaning?”
answer: meaning

Everybody will die eventually, but many of those who live are actually dead (coz they live without meaning). - William Wallace in "Braveheart" movie-

Your TC student,
De Santos