Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Where is the love and the truth?

There is hope for an educational institution if the love of students existed. On the opposite, if there is no love for students, then the educational institution is without hope. Even if the institution has everything, from the top professors, to the best facilities any human can imagine, but without love of the students, the institution is betraying the very core of education. An educational institution may have not the best professors, or buildings, or high end technology, or even great funding, but if the love of students is true, then true education is served.

I am an educator, I love education, whenever I see an education institution is not founded upon the love of students, my heart is broken. I see a betrayal, a betrayal in the name of education. I see a manipulation, a manipulation using the system of education. It was Paulo Freire who pointed out that the system of education can be manipulated by people in power to “educate” the poor and the powerless, so they may not know that they actually are under oppression. Freire went on to provide the solution for the oppressed. Freire touched the heart of education by first loving his students. His teaching method by way of dialogue requires respect and honor of the students, of which love is the foundation. Through dialogue, Freire was able to draw what he called as the “generative theme” of the people. Freire was successful in truly educating his students, so they may learn the truth.

Education is betrayed when students don’t learn the truth. It is worse if the education institution purposefully teach the untruth to the students. If we love our students we wouldn’t mislead our students, how much more teaching them untruth. So, in the name of education, all you who rob education from its very foundation, STOP!!! Remember that as education institution, you are trusted to educate the next generation for the betterment of humanity as a whole and for the goodness of the world. Remember that once such trust is betrayed, the price you are going to pay is unimaginable. You are not just paying the price within your own organization, but your betrayal impacts the entire humanity and the next generation, and the generation after the next, and so on.

Truth is the champion in the academic world. Shame and disgrace will accompany published untruth. What makes the west rule the world? It is their relentless endeavor to pursue the truth, to seek it, to unravel it, to find it, and to hold it so dearly. Any education institution must realize the level of confidence they have of what they are teaching. They must be certain that what they teach is the truth. Never should you teach the untruth!

It was Hegel who observed that the greatest lesson in history is that humans don’t learn from history. Even after Hegel said it, people still don’t learn from history. Are you among those people that don’t learn from history?

So, do you have love for your students? Are you confident that you are teaching the truth to your students? If you call yourselves educators, or education institution, you should have both, otherwise, please... please... just close your institution or stop teaching before you fill the minds of your children with garbage and destroy the society at large.

"Not many of you should presume to be teachers, my brothers, because you know that we who teach will be judged more strictly." (James 3:1)

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